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Welcome to An award winning solo backpacking female travel blog featuring travel tips, photos, videos, packing guides, photography, and more!

Hi! I'm Natacia but most people call me Tosh. I started this
journey around the world about 10 years ago and have now
traveled to over 50 countries! As a California native, I spend
half my time in sunny San Diego and the other half on the
beautiful island of Maui. Whether it's hostels or 5-star luxury,
be sure to follow all of my posts to get the MOST of what
every country has to offer! I have spent my entire life in the
food and hospitality industry so believe me when I say, I will
travel far and wide for the best of the best on any budget.

Embrace history of our ancient ancestors and see the incredible human developments they made along the way. LANDMARKSExpand your mind through flavors, sound, prayer and more. The uniqueness and diversity of Earth's beautiful people. CULTURALBecome part of the animal kingdom and see wildlife in it’s rawest form. Understand the importance of conservation and protecting endagered species that are vital Earth's ecosystems. SAFARI






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