Below you will find some basic questions I often receive about traveling. Or if you are looking for tips and suggestions on traveling please check out my recent tips page. Any other questions can be found here! If you have questions of your own, please feel free to submit in my forum.


Where is the best country for solo travel?

I highly recommend Indonesia for any solo travel. Every island of Indonesia is extremely safe and lots of young adults venture there for surfing or summer vacations from Australia so you are likely to meet a lot of fun people!

How can you afford to travel?

I live to travel. In other words, I save EVERYTHING I make. Instead of buying material things, I keep my money aside in my savings until I’m ready to buy a plane ticket. A good rule for travelers is to travel to countries you know you can afford. Big cities in Europe are going not going to be ideal for long term travel unless you have the means to do so. Staying outside of big cities can save you lots money and traveling with a partner can split the costs for accommodations.

Are my things safe in a hostel?

Most hostels provide a locker for you to put your valuables. Always use common sense, no matter where you are or where you stay. I always bring locks for my bags and most often put them in a locker. I never flash my money or valuables. Every hostel I have ever stayed in has been extremely safe and filled with like minded travelers like myself.


How can I find work when I travel?

Use whatever resources are around you. Ask the hostel you are in if they need an extra hand or sign up to teach English to little kids. If you are computer savvy, make a blog and try to monetize it! Jobs come with connections so get out there and meet as many people as you can, chances are someone will lead you in the right direction depending on what type of job you are looking for.



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