Hawaii is the 50th state made up entirely of beautiful islands located at least 1,500 miles away from any other main land mass. With its abundance of nature, waterfalls, tropical fruit and fresh fish, Hawaii, is truly the world’s greatest paradise. No matter where you go, the smell of flowers, sand, and ocean follow you as you hike your way through the famous valley isles, swim with giant sea turtles, and drive coast to coast in search of the greatest adventure the island has to offer.


  • Baby Beach #1 Favorite (Go early to avoid wind)
  • Baby Beach in Lahaina (Yes, there are 2)
  • Sugar Beach – Maui’s longest stretch of sand, you’ll likely have your own spot on the beach
  • Polo Beach — Great for walks along the beach!
  • Mana Kai #2 Favorite (Access to showers, restaurants, and easy swimming)
  • Ho’okipa — Best place to find Sea Turtles
  • Little Beach– Best place to tan nude
  • La Perouse Bay — Amazing hike to tide pools!
  • Olowalu — Best spot for beach camping!
  • Charley Young – Easy parking, walking distance to ABC stores and shaved ice.
  • Black Sand Beach (Hana) – Worth every twist and turn of the drive to Hana town


  • Pita Paradise — MY #1 FAVORITE restaurant on Maui (Get the Baklava Ice-cream cake)
  • Mama’s Fish House — Best place to spend all your money and have it be completely worth it
  • Coconut’s Fish Cafe — My Addiction. You cannot order anything BUT the fish tacos. I forbid it.
  • Cuatro — Freshest Fish on the island with an even better price
  • Eskimo Candy — A great selection of poke. Try the sampler poke bowl if you can’t decide on one.
  • Monkeypod — Best Ambiance and award winning cocktails
  • Lahaina Pizza Co. —- Best Salad! Just kidding! This is my go-to spot when I’m craving a deep dish and beer.
  • Maui Brewing Co. — Great for any age! Amazing selection of local beer, food trucks, board games, and live music.
  • Three’s Bar & Grill — Best Happy hour on the island. Don’t worry, they have a late night happy hour from 9-10pm too!
  • Fleetwood’s — BEST Mai Tai on Maui. I repeat… BEST Mai Tai.


Road to Hana:

Prepare for an entire day’s worth of adventure. Explore waterfalls, bamboo forest, black and red sand beaches, and more! This is the ultimate road trip to take while on Maui. It can get dirty so bring a swimsuit and towels. Bug spray is a must too!


During Winter, check out the ultimate waves and adrenaline junkies surfing them. Waves can reach up to 70 feet tall.


Make a reservation for sunrise or take your time and catch sunset. Driving up a 10,000 ft dormant volcano is a cold but beautiful experience everyone must do while on Maui.

Lahaina Pali Trail:

Bring LOTS of water and hike the 6 mile ancient Pali trail. This is intermediate so bring appropriate shoes. Park your car on one side and hitch hike back.

Whale Watch:

Wake up early during the months of Dec-April and catch a boat ride to see whales in every direction. These beautiful creatures are a must see in person.

IAO Valley:

Go Hiking in the breathtaking Iao Valley. The fresh air and Jurassic park scenery will make your trip to Maui truly unforgettable.

Farm to Table Tours:

Explore the local land of O’o farms and prepare a feast right out of their garden! This farm to table lunch is worth every single bite.


Theft is a common occurrence especially on Road to Hana. ALWAYS hide your belongings BEFORE you park. Thieves will wait in the bushes and wait for you to leave before smashing your rental car windows.

Never pick fights with the locals. This is their land. They were here first and you should never forget that when coming to this island. While most locals are friendly, others tend to frown upon tourists on their ancestral land. While it may be tempting to explore the beautiful land, stay on trails and never wander onto someone’s property. Trust me.

NEVER take coral from the beach. While most would call this superstition, any local will tell you it is very bad luck and any coral taken will anger the gods, thus giving you a life of pure misery. In fact, many tourist end up mailing the coral back to the island in fear of the Hawaiian curse.

You can legally drink on the beach but do not bring glass. Keep it in cans or plastic.

Due to the hundreds of drunk driving incidents the island faces each year, be prepared to see more DUI check points going from Kihei to Lahaina or Kahului.

You can camp anywhere on the beach as long as you are fishing. Just grab a pole and have fun!

If you see a turtle, DO NOT touch it. It is illegal. Respect the āina and its creatures.


Haole – White person usually referred to a Tourist

Honu- Sea Turtle

Mahalo- Thank you

Aloha- This is more of an expression of love, peace, and compassion used in a greeting or departure

Aina – Land

Pau- Finished or done

Keiki- Child

Kane – Man

Wahine- Woman

Hale – House