Charlottesville, Virginia.

Not many people come across this small university town, but if you ever do, here is a local’s guide to the MUST-TRY restaurants the town has to offer.

First let me point out, I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and worked in it’s food industry for over 6 years. I have seen restaurants come and go so quickly, that I’m proud to say that most of  the restaurants on this list are the OG restaurants of Charlottesville. (With a few exceptions). So, with that said, my childhood favorites are still knocking the new guys off the list- they HAVE to be good.

Every single person will tell you the same… this is the most iconic staple of Charlottesville, Va. Not only is it every student’s go-to cheap meal, it is hands down the best bagel you will ever eat in your life. Yes, sorry New Yorkers… but these are facts. Not only that, but you cannot be a true Cville Local without having an addiction for Bodo’s. You can find Bodo’s in almost any area of Charlottesville, and don’t worry each one is at best as the next.

Although it is only known as “Wayside fried chicken”. Growing up, this was the spot for the best fried chicken in town. It’s a simple no frills type of place but that is why we all love it. Get a true taste of this southern goodness and make sure you get plenty of rolls on the side!

This is my hands down favorite restaurant in Charlottesville. Why? The owners have put ,not only their hearts and souls into their food, but the ambiance, the cocktails, the vibe is everything you could ever want from a restaurant. Each server has a true southern hospitality and the food- although not southern- is a unique Michelin standard of quality that luckily ended up in these small neck of the woods. The Chile Relleno and Ahi Tartare are my personal favorite!

Just like Bodo’s, this is another favorite amongst locals. Christian’s pizza has been around since I was young and they just keep on getting bigger and better! Stop here for a quick pizza craving, you won’t regret it.

It’s such a wonder how such magical tasting dumplings could be made in possibly the world’s smallest kitchen. A quick fix of irresistible fried pillows cannot be skipped on your trip to cville. Why are these so delicious? The sauce. It’s all about the sweet and spicy sauce served with these bundles of joy. Fair warning, get 2 boxes. You’ll want to eat these the entire rest of your trip.

This is one of the newer restaurants in the town, but it will definitely be one to stay. The owners are true to the southern roots and now how to give only the best to a town they’ve been in their whole life. Stop by Shadwells for a delicious seafood dinner!

Here we have another newcomer to our list. The owner was a former chef of Zocalo so you know it has to be good! Go in and get a true southern biscuit stacked with the most incredible bbq you’ll ever eat in the south.

The owner is a true genius when it comes to the food at Mono Loco. Inspirational and so satisfying with flavor, it’s no wonder this OG restaurant is a common spot for the local crowd. If you want flavor, this is IT.